No tooling or extra operations required. You specify the dimensions and finish for delivery. Just order and wait for it to arrive.


Customise anything with any image or logo. Change the colours or distort the image to make it unique.


Send us your 3D file and images along with a budget guide. We will put together a product that suits you.

Try our 3D-Printing service. Fast 3D-Printing is part of the SHAPEWAYS network, so you can be sure of the quality and consistency. Send file/link and details to or email


Use our free CAD to design your product. Produce detailed forms with complex geometry without the expense of intricate machining processess.


Create shapes and structures that are just not possible using conventional techniques. The way the printing process builds layer-on-layer gives countless possibilties for reinforcing bodies or reducing weight.

Time & Costs

Save both time and development costs by 3D-Printing your products. Remove entire production operations by making two components in one piece.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all purchases
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