Great value, high-quality 3D-Prints manufactured by SHAPEWAYS. Upload an existing design or create one free with Tinkercad. Convert to STL from most 3D formats for free. Choose between self-service and using our designers to process your product.

How to use Fast 3D-Printing.

Self-Service - Users can create their own SHAPEWAYS account and upload a model directly for printing. They pay the SHAPEWAYS price.

FAST-Service - Using our services to design, modify or prepare a product for printing, the model is sent to us at the order stage. These services are intended to create a better, more cost-optimised printed product. Rather than making the print expensive, they offer great value. From hollowing a model to reduce print-time and material to a quick design assessment.

Choose your service and pay.

Request a time-slot and supply job/payment details.

Receive starting time confirmation.

A download link for the completed work is supplied within one hour of scheduled finish time.

Pricing Model and the way we work.

Since we are the manufacturer, when we order the print it is at cost price, and we pass some of the saving on to you. Offering our services together with the print makes them great value. Depending on the price of the print, the discount may cover the service cost. The service itself should give further savings. And when you consider the time saved by having the work done by us, then it really does make sense.


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